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Perfect Heroes #1

Nothing extraordinary has ever happened to Maggie O’Brien until the day she plays a fantasy game called Tolemac Wars. When something goes awry, Maggie finds herself a slave in a very frightening world engulfed in war. How can she escape this strange place where men carry swords and others perform magic? When Kered comes to Maggie’s rescue, she cannot fight the attraction she feels for him. He casts a spell over her heart that has nothing to do with magic, and when she falls in love, she realizes she must choose...his world or hers.

Originally published May 1999 by Dorchester/Love Spell.

Winner 1999 PEARL
ParaNormal Excellence Award in Romantic Literature

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Ellora’s Cave
July 2013
ISBN-13: 978-1419946288


"Ann Lawrence sweeps you--along with her modern day heroine--into a world of virile warriors and daring quests where love is the most dangerous reality of all. Imaginative, stirring, fun, and oh, so, sexy."

--Kathleen Nance, MORE THAN MAGIC (3-'99)


". . . Ms. Lawrence captures the reader on the first page with her clever use of names and scenery. Brilliantly done, VIRTUAL HEAVEN is a must for fans of fantasy and recommended for anyone else seeking something new and exciting."

--Anne Black, Romantic Times Magazine

VIRTUAL HEAVEN by Ann Lawrence is an incomparable debut novel that shatters the soul and touches the heart with passion and high adventure. Brava!"

--Deb Stover, Author of ANOTHER DAWN (1-'99)

"Ann Lawrence sweeps you--along with her modern day heroine--into a world of virile warriors and daring quests where love is the most dangerous reality of all. Imaginative, stirring, fun, and oh, so, sexy."

--Kathleen Nance, MORE THAN MAGIC (3-'99)

"This is a debut novel that will have you cheering for Ms. Lawrence's fantastic imagination that only gets better with the sequel VIRTUAL DESIRE; dynamic Vad's exciting adventure that will leave you craving more and more stories. Both books are full of electrifying passion that will send lighting bolts throughout your system! Wow, these books belong on your keeper shelf if you like an intriguing fantasy story you'll want to bring out to reread many times. I know I hope there are many more books in this romantic dream fantasy that will have you spellbound in no time at all as you travel across the icefields to the enchanting and dangerous land of the Tolemac Wars.

Suzanne "Have Gun, Will Travel to Fight for My Warrior in the Tolemac Wars. Hoping Ms. Lawrence Comes Up With a Warrior Especially Designed for Dealing with an Older Woman? I'm in Trouble Now!" Coleburn

"Ann Lawrence's debut book VIRTUAL HEAVEN sent me soaring to heaven in a burst of red hot flames of love and desire to praise her phenomenal talent as an imaginative writer whose ideas are certainly fresh and captivating. Brava for her great New World; Aldous Huxley move over!"

--Suzanne Coleburn, The Belles and Beaux of Romance

"Ms. Lawrence has written a delightful story. It is a mixture of fantasy, adventure and love. The characters are complex and fascinating. The depth of their feelings is touching and real. Ms. Lawrence has also included a puzzle of her own that is threaded throughout the story. This is a book that will stay with you for a long time after you've read the last page. I look forward, with anticipation, to reading her next book.

--Rita Hyatt, Writers Club Romance Group on AOL Review Board

"Exploding onto the scene with her debut book, Ms. Lawrence brings us a hero to die for! One of the books that will launch the new PERFECT HEROES line for Dorchester Publishing, VIRTUAL HEAVEN combines a truly compelling story with a sensual romance that will make you hunger for more. This is time travel fantasy at its best!"

--The Speaking Tree Online Magazine

"VIRTUAL HEAVEN is a perfect choice to launch Love Spell's Perfect Heroes line. Kered is a hero in every sense of the word, and Maggie compliments him perfectly. Ann Lawrence has created a spellbinding read full of colorful imagery and emotion, and characters you won't want to let go of."

--Lisa Ramaglia, Romance Industry Newsletter

"Ms. Lawrence does an amazing job of fleshing out her characters so the reader not only gets to know the hero and heroine, but also to like and love them. I read this book until three am and loved every word of it, even going so far as to re-read some of my favorite scenes. I could imagine everything being played out as I read. This would make a wonderful movie. I truly loved VIRTUAL HEAVEN!"

--Terry McDermott, Old Book Barn Gazette

" . . . one stunning story. Ms. Lawrence is without doubt one writer on the way to the top. Splendid!"

--Donita Lawrence, Bell, Book and Candle

"Ann Lawrence has, indeed, created a perfect hero, or as near as matters. Physically breathtaking, and blessed with natural leadership and enviable fairness, Kered looms larger than life.

Ann Lawrence is a breath of fresh air to this reader. She has woven together bits and pieces from the familiar and the fantastic to create a rousing computer game of a romance novel. But take heart, ye technophobes, the love between Maggie and Kered is firmly based in reality."

--Hilary H. Catron, Compuserve Romance Reviews

Very Highly Recommended "A great book, a great love story in a well realized world, VIRTUAL HEAVEN made me sigh, smile, and choke up a little. The characters are likeable, the plot has enough twists and turns to make a top dizzy, and the setting is wonderful. I enjoyed every word."

--Patricia White, Under the Covers

"Debut novels are, by their very nature, full of hopes and dreams. VIRTUAL HEAVEN displays a mastery of the storytelling craft that foretells a fulfillment of those hopes and dreams. Ann Lawrence has a very bright future as a spinner of fantastic tales. This is definitely a winner!"

--Geena Rizzo, Romance Communications

"VIRTUAL HEAVEN, the debut novel of Ann Lawrence is a definite read if you are a fan of romance with a touch of fantasy or science fiction."

--Susan Caraballo, Bookaholics

4 Hearts "Lawrence has . . . set up a multi-layered plot that kept this reader turning the pages. . . Lawrence does a good job of creating an alternative reality, a fantasy world with its own beliefs, institutions, and mores . . . But I think any reader who enjoys a well written, action-packed romance that can steam up the windows will appreciate Lawrence's debut novel."

--Jean Mason, The Romance Reader