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Perfect Heroes #2

Ellora's Cave
September 2013
ISBN: 978-1419946363

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Tolemac warrior Vad has only one desire—regain his sword and the warrior honor it represents. He’s willing to do anything, even cross the forbidding ice fields into the unknown. When a beautiful and alluring woman appears to him, he’s sure she’s been sent to help him.

Gwen Marlowe desires only peace and quiet, something hard to find at her game shop in Ocean City, New Jersey. When a gorgeous war-gamer insists she “enter” a game and help him complete his quest, she thinks he’s crazy. But soon, crazy or not, Gwen discovers she’ll follow this captivating and sexy man anywhere.

Originally published August 2000 in mass market paperback by Dorchester Love Spell.

Virtual Desire

Now a Nominee for Best Contemporary Paranormal of 2000 by Romantic Times Magazine

A Romantic Times Magazine TOP PICK OF THE MONTH (8/00)

4 1/2 Stars

"Readers of Virtual Heaven will be delighted and enraptured by Ms. Lawrence's return to Tolemac. Brimming with adventure, danger, humor, a villain intent on destroying the world, and a love that defies reality's bounds, VIRTUAL DESIRE will draw you into the realm of fantasy. Another keeper from the talented pen of Ann Lawrence."

--Beth MacGregor, Romantic Times Magazine

"From the opening sentence, "She appeared in a glittering column of snow," to the end (no, I'm not giving away a great ending), the incredible action grabs the reader, throws her over its broad shoulders and carries her off into a virtual world of heroes, battles, betrayal, danger, and intrigue. "

--Patricia White, Crescent Blues

"AWESOME! That is the perfect word for this one! To find yourself inside a virtual reality game with a virtual hero. *Sigh!* Considering all that was going on, I believe I would pass on the chance. Ann Lawrence has created a new type of Fantasy Romance for fans to sink themselves into. For those of us who love this type of story, I highly recommend it! One to be treasured!"

(Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

Scribe's World Reviewer's Choice

5 Stars "Wow! I've been looking forward to this sequel to VIRTUAL HEAVEN and can say it was worth the wait. In VIRTUAL DESIRE, Ms. Lawrence seamlessly sets up the fictional Tolemac world for both new readers and returning readers like myself. Anyone who loves fantasy, great conflict, adventure and of course hot romance will be delighted with VIRTUAL DESIRE."

Reviewed by Karen Larsen, Scribe's World

"P.E.A.R.L. award-winner Ann Lawrence is a natural storyteller. Virtual Desire, sequel to her debut novel Virtual heaven, is a fantasy of a fantasy - a paranormal romance lover's dream. Slow and sweet, hot, spicy, and unpredictable, Virtual Desire is a testament to the power of love. I was hard pressed to put the book down even for a moment. The world around me simply faded away as I too became part of the virtual adventure."

"I highly recommend this read and hope that additional sequels are in the offing."

--Leslie Tramposch, Paranormal Romance Reviews (2-'00)

Keltic Keeper Exceptional

"Ms. Lawrence takes time travel into a new realm, that of virtual reality and in doing so has created a unique niche for her special brand of romance. Her characters are likable and fun to be with as they traverse both time and reality through dangers with both intelligence and humor. Both VIRTUAL HEAVEN and now VIRTUAL DESIRE are classic examples of how romance authors continue to strive to provide unique reading experiences for their loyal readers. Thankfully, LoveSpell is a publisher who recognizes what readers want. romances outside the normal realm even if that includes stepping into virtual reality. Both VIRTUAL DESIRE and VIRTUAL HEAVEN are destined to be classics in this new sub-genre' and Ms Lawrence is the reigning Goddess."

--Jody Allen, Romancing the Celtic Soul

"Virtual Desire is the perfect read for anyone who loves the mix of fantasy and romance elements. Packed with intrigue, adventure, mystery and magic, readers will be enamored with this world of Ann Lawrence's creation. Virtual Desire is a spin-off of her first book, Virtual Heaven, and readers will want to gobble up both books to get the full enjoyment out of the story, although it is not necessary to read them in order. Don't plan on doing anything else when you read this book. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the game . . . or story as the case may be!"

-- Jennifer Martin, Writers Club Romance Board

"VIRTUAL DESIRE is an adventurous tale that will sweep the reader into the fantasy world of Tolemac and have you rooting for Vad and Gwen. Ann Lawrence demonstrates a definite flare for creating characters and stories that leave the reader begging for more."

--Susan Caraballo, UReviewit

4 1/2 Bells!!

"Ms. Lawrences' talent is magnificent in this spin-off of the land of Tolemac, so much so, that you wonder if she knows there is another World out there. Only time will tell. SPLENDID!!"

--Donita Lawrence, Bell, Book, and Candle

"Virtual Desire tells a wonderful tale of love, friendship, faith, honor and courage. The story is visually stimulating with its descriptions of the vast ice fields, the caves and pits, and the cities of the Tolemac world. The love that grows between Gwen and Vad is timeless and passionate. If you read Virtual Heaven, you simply must dive into Vad's story. It's pure enjoyment from the first page to the last!"

--Terry McDermott, Reviewer Old Book Barn Gazette

"VIRTUAL DESIRE is an exciting read filled with an alternate universe, humor and a healthy dose of sensuality. Lawrence's characterizations are on the mark and I enjoyed them tremendously. VIRTUAL DESIRE is a book guaranteed to please. VIRTUAL DESIRE is the delightful sequel to VIRTUAL HEAVEN."

--Lisa Hamilton, BookNook Romance Reviews

"Ms. Lawrence's vivid and enchanting imagination has created VIRTUAL DESIRE, a story you never want to end. The hero and heroine send out sparks hot enough to ignite a sensual blaze that will burn a special place in your heart, and the plot is simply stunning! I am desperately hoping there will be another book since I'm into the Tolemac Wars games big time, now and forever!"

--Suzanne Coleburn, The Belles and Beaux of Romance

5 Stars!!

"VIRTUAL DESIRE is a marvelous, romantic adventure. Lovers of fantasy will enjoy visiting Tolemac, with its purple skies and exotic inhabitants. Lovers of romance will bask in the sizzling chemistry between Gwen and Vad and sigh as they discover their love for each other. VIRTUAL DESIRE is a romantic and sensual tour de force. I give it my highest recommendation."
--Carrie Masek, Word Museum