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A USA TODAY Best Seller and
a Romantic Times Magazine TOP PICK!!

Durand de Marle, the warrior lord of Ravenswood Castle, rode out of the mist and Cristina’s life was never the same. Wife of a perfidious merchant, Cristina prides herself on the scented soaps, perfumes and love potions she creates for the ladies of Lord Durand’s castle. Can Cristina create a potion for strong enough to resist the captivating power of Durand de Marle?

Durand is a warrior who prides himself on his honor. When he discovers someone close has betrayed him, he must act. Is it his brother? A friend? Or yet another? And can Durand claim he is honorable if he cannot resist the love and desire he feels for another man’s wife?

Originally published July 2001 in mass market paperback by Dorchester Love Spell.

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Lord of the Mist - eBook

Ellora's Cave
April 2013
ISBN-13: 978-1419946103

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From Terri Brisbin author of THE QUEEN'S MAN. . .

"In her latest book, LORD OF THE MIST, Ann Lawrence has woven an irresistible tale of honor and betrayal, loss and redemption, and the power of love."

From BORDERS bookseller Linda Cutler Smith . . .

"LORD OF THE MIST is an original, witty and sensual (in every meaning of the word) love story. Although set in medieval times, the characters, situations, heartaches and triumphs are timeless. You will care about these characters, and take them into your heart. Overcoming seemingly impossible odds, the hero and heroine remain true to their self-imposed rules of personal honor, yet Ms. Lawrence succeeds in bringing them together in a twisting, turning, and compelling tale. Run, do not walk to your favorite bookstore (hopefully Borders!) for this fine read!"

From reader Margy W. winner of an advance reading copy of LORD OF THE MIST . . .

"I received the arc of LORD OF THE MIST several weeks ago, read it immediately and OMG was it fabulous!!! I tend not to read many historicals but this was great. Very true to the time period. It's a good thing I wasn't born during that time...I would have been put to death at a very young age. *eg* [LORD OF THE MIST] was a great read and the first time I've won anything!! I'm still smiling!!"

From Anne Black of Romantic Times Magazine . . .

4 1/2 STARS - TOP PICK! (7/01)

"With a plot as detailed as treasured tapestry, Ms. Lawrence continues to seduce us into her opulent world of strong, admirable characters and a story that embodies the best of the romance genre. The brutal world of the medieval knight struggling for freedom to love who he likes is brought to exquisite life and guarantees you won't sleep until you finish reading!"

From Suzanne Coleburn of the Belles and Beaux of Romance. . .

"There are more darn twists and turns and surprises in this book. In the back of my romantic mind, I was hoping there would be some way that Cristina and Durand could be together, and of course, I'm not telling how it all comes out. As in LORD OF THE KEEP, Ms. Lawrence does a fabulous job of taking ordinary women with special skills and getting them entangled with the spectacular heroes."

Suzanne "Durand Can Come Out of the Mist and Capture Me Now!" Coleburn

From Betty Cox of New and Used Books. . .

Highly recommended!

"LORD OF THE MIST is a wonderful read written by one of the very best of today's talented authors. All of the characters are well developed and the characters the author has used from England's turbulent history add to the richness and appeal of the story. In the author's words, LORD OF THE MIST is 'a story of love and lust, honor and betrayal.' Like its predecessor, LORD OF THE KEEP, this book is a definite keeper. "

From Leslie Tramposch of ParaNormalRomance/PNR. . .

"Ann Lawrence has shown her versatility as a writer, alternating between a virtual fantasy series and her medieval historical romances. The common denominator between the two is the strength or her heroines, and the courage of her heroes, as they fight seemingly insurmountable odds to grab the brass ring."

From Carol Carter of Romance Reviews Today

"This is a tale of good versus evil, and features enemies, treachery and political intrigue. Ms. Lawrence takes you into the Middle Ages when kings ruled, and a rage or a whim could destroy life. LORD OF THE MIST is a superbly written piece of fiction that takes place during the time of King John's reign and brings that period of history right into your home. Find a cozy place and treat yourself to a wonderful time with the LORD OF THE MIST, the second medieval written by Ann Lawrence, and I hope not the last."